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Garry Kinnaird Chairman

Garry W. Kinnaird is a Certified Financial Planner in Australia and a Justice of the Peace for the State of Queensland, Australia.  He brings 32 years of financial and business experience to Novagen.

Micheal Nugent   CEO 

Micheal Nugent completed his apprenticeship as a diesel fitter in 1983 with Cummins Diesel Sales & Service Pty. Ltd.  Micheal has held senior executive positions and directorships with public and private companies in the United States and Australia since 1995. He has long standing partnerships with some of the world’s largest engineering firms, attended Bond University as a law student and championed the development of USA public company, Tautachrome, Inc. TTCM.   

Kenneth Grohs director

Kenneth Grohs has served as a Director and Senior Design Engineer of Ken Grohs Consulting Engineers., an Australian company engaged in the business of providing consulting structural engineering services primarily with respect to structural design and supervision of multi-story units, large to medium industrial complexes and domestic structures. 

Mr. Grohs holds a Diploma of Civil Engineering from the Gippsland Institute of Advanced Education.  He is a member of the Institution of Engineers, Australia, as well as the Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland.

Sonny Nugent director

Sonny Nugent headed up Renegade Engine Company, a division of wholly-owned subsidiary Novagen Precision Engineering Pty Ltd from 2012 and since 2014, he has acted as managing director of Novagen Finance Pty Ltd. and Novagen Precision Engineering Pty Ltd, both wholly-owned subsidiaries of Novagen Ingenium, Inc.

After completing his apprenticeship as a construction formwork carpenter, Mr. S Nugent was employed as a foreman by BC Platinum Construction Pty Ltd., an Australian construction company.

Sonny Nugent is the son of Micheal Nugent and Tamara Nugent.  Micheal Nugent is the President, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and a director of Novagen Ingenium, Inc. 

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